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Together We Are One                                                Established 2019


VA1 is a collaboration amongst five local Northern Virginia clubs aimed at increasing opportunities and pathways for players in the region who show good progress in their development and have the ability to pursue playing at a higher level but might be limited due to a variety of personal or club based factors.  


The clubs involved are like-minded in their vision for player development and are committed to contributing equal amount of resources and staff support for the program.  VA1 will have a working methodology, and a highly qualified technical staff with varying degrees of experience ranging from technical player development, college recruiting experts, and both domestic and international experience.


VA1 is not a soccer club and doesn’t aspire to be; we believe in strength in numbers and the only way to achieve our mission is by having a bigger pool of resources that combines various groups, skills and coaches so that we can share ideas with the sole purpose of providing the best possible experience for players.

Previously, collaborations amongst clubs have been difficult to materialize or execute. With VA1, there is real intent and a strong commitment to develop a long-lasting and sustainable program that greatly benefits our players.

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Currently looking for Sponsors. The entire idea behind VA1 is to keep the cost as low as possible for all players, and keep the program running like a true Non-Profit should. If you are interested in helping out please send email to

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For info on each clubs involvement and goals please contact your designated director.


Great Falls Reston

Rado Pletka


CYA Soccer

Dylan Sutherland:


VA Revolution

Cory Hanks

If you are a club or an individual player that would like to be involved, please feel free to email any of the above, or register on the Registration page.  

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